International Business Investment Opportunities in Turkey by An Investment Consultant


I guess this is where I must introduce myself shortly before we can continue ­čÖé

I am an individual investment opportunity seeker and my profession mostly covers International Business Relations, Export and Import Sectors. I am located in Istanbul city, Turkey.

Well, there are lots of international investment opportunities in Turkey. Our government offers lots of incentive packages to encourage foreign investment business cooperations.

Yet, the financial crisis and terrorism factors have affected most of our international and local business relations and potential investors.

This is where I mostly offer my service.

First of all, there are many foreigner investors looking for local and international opportunities in my country. These opportunities include lots of different investment types. I will not explain this here but in my other blogs in detail.

There are sectors which differ among themselves; the investment types also differ all within themselves. It is really confusing to keep up with all these investment sectors; there could be fishy ones or the type of investment could be found or not during the period you are about to invest.

Such these major and minor struggles make the investment seem harder; as a fact, if you want to make investment and are really eager to earn at the end; that is a must to stay durable and decide on the best investment chance.

I must say I am not into finance sector mostly; but rather I offer more concrete investment business service over firstly establishing business connections, secondly considering about the possible opoortunities along with the projects, lastly I provide all my efforts to assist my clients through these first steps of making investment in my major target area in Istanbul, Turkey.

I also offer Business Connection Service which covers establishing Business Relations before any Investor/Trader/Commerce Companies start Export/Import or any other Business Partnership with local companies in Turkey.

During all these steps; as I have worked in Export/Import/Trade sector previously; I am highly experienced in Establishing Business Relations.

I have always bumped into such problems of foreigners looking for solutions as who to consult/how to make first connections/how to check any company validity or not.

As a result, I also provide my clients with Business Connection Service in this area. I become the broker between two sides. Yet, my service does differ from other brokering companies in the following respect:

Once any foreigner individual investor/trader looking for establishing connection in Turkey/with Turkish local companies; and once, such a business connection demand is forwarded to me, I ask for what kind of sectors they are interested in and what products are exactly.


After obtaining these answers, I start searching companies for my clients among the best and officially registered companies in Turkey. I make the first contact with local companies for my clients.

As long as my clientsÔÇÖ interests are compatible with these company-features, I stay in contact with these local companies to make returns to my clients.

This is really advantageous for my clients; as they do not trouble in searching and finding these company-contact information; and once I handle the first connection here with companies, there is only a simple task left for them to do is check and remove the unwanted off the list of companies. This is so easy.

So that, during my clientsÔÇÖ researches during their investment/trade business relation period, they could get support and business connection service both from my side and the target companyÔÇÖs side together to make things more effective in the long-term period.

As long as more business connection is demanded further, I also keep looking for more companies for my clients. My guidance in Establishing Business Service Agreement takes 2 months. During this period, I am in connection with my clients. I also provide support in correspondences for my clients if they can not get satisfying replies from the target company.

This service acts like one of your local assistant works here in Turkey for you. I am a local person; Turkish is my mother tongue. Once you contact me, I make connections for you in the first place where you save lots of time. You can get the kids from the school. I will be here in charge of connections on phone and mailing all day. ­čÖé

Thanks for reading my first blog.

I will keep uploading new posts. You can always contact me via my linked profile/email contact info.

Good day.

Berkay Y─▒ld─▒r─▒m / M:


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